Living in a string of cities is like living in a metropolis area; living life to the fullest. There are many unique alternatives for living in different parts of the corridor region.

Growth Corridor Finland is the biggest pool of workforce in Finland, forefront basis of national growth and competitiveness.

Here are some points from our Vision 2020 that we are committed to:

1. The attractiveness of the Growth Corridor Finland guarantees a strong growth that is sustainably met in the region.

2. Modern and effective trade infrastructure and strong export trade is growing in the corridor area.

3. Energy self-sufficient Green Growth Corridor Finland.

4. We are working very hard to make Growth Corridor Finland as the leading experimental platform on intelligent mobility systems and services in Europe.


These are our thesis that help us achieve our goals

1. A joint national vision and coherent developing is created to guide compact housing.
2. All growth corridors will be raised to the centre of the national developing policy. However, Growth Corridor Finland being the only European scale corridor in Finland, will become the piloting platform of corridor development.
3. People, organizations and projects will be combined together with the co-ordination of the Growth Corridor Finland.
4. Many different operators are committed to execute different contents schemes through-out the corridor region.
5. Tools will be regenerated to allow business to network with each other more easily and effectively.
6. Growth Corridor Finland will be branded as being attractive and easily approachable.

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